My contemporary gallery, is located right in the heart of Stanley in the Falkland Islands. I love using my design and photographic skills to create the many different products you’ll find in the Studio, a great selection of locally created and hand made items for all to enjoy.

Hopefully you can visit the Studio in person but if not have a look through my site, check out my SHOP and get in touch if there is something you're interested in.


I'm proud to release my
new book "Visions of the Falkland Islands".

Inside you will find a unique collection of carefully crafted visual impressions which range all over the Falklands capturing the subtle beauty, the space, simply the essence of the Islands. Spend time exploring these special Islands through my photographic viewpoint!

My background image.  "Entangled" is WINNER of the Bronze category, Bird Behaviour, Bird Photographer of the Year 2021  BPOTY