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My Story

Julie Halliday
Photographer, Designer, Jeweller & Soaper

Growing up in New Zealand, I was always keen on doing creative things.
I studied art and textile design at school and then went on to train as a graphic designer/photographer, gaining a Degree in Gra
phic Design in 1989. After graduating I lived in Victoria, British Columbia for 5 years, working in the design and advertising world while also doing a fair bit of exploring the wilderness there. On moving back to Wellington, I worked with a collective of like-minded creatives, designers, illustrators and writers for a number of years before moving to the Falklands in 2001. I instantly started doing more photography and offset this by working on graphic design projects for a variety of local businesses.

I opened Studio 52 in 2010 to showcase my photographic imagery and graphic design creations. My practice spans photography, design, jewellery and soaping. I started creating jewellery pieces from 2010 gaining a Diploma in silver metal clay while also developing graphics for my homeware and print design ranges. I am currently working to complete an Advanced Diploma in Fine Jewellery with the Jeweller's Academy in London, which is very exciting and challenging.


I have produced several community art and photographic exhibitions to raise money for local charities. The first in 2014 was called "Falkland Framed", each artist was given a frame with which they had to create a Falkland themed piece of art. The Second was "A-Z of the Falklands". I have subsequently run three "Essence of Our Community" outdoor photographic exhibitions, currently, the latest exhibition is up and running until March 2023. All the panels will be auctioned at the closure of the exhibition. This installation displayed along the front road is printed onto large panels, it is a collaboration of photographers work each with a Falklands theme.

Whether, I’m out and about capturing photos, creating jewellery, designing graphics, or making soap, my inspiration is right on the doorstep and for me can pop up at any time and in any place. There is always so much to capture and share from around the Islands, I'm passionate about creating and making things. 


I really hope you enjoy my studio.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


+500 51552



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