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Giselle Richards

G-Unique Jewellery

Hand-crafted by Giselle Richards, a Saint Helenian who has been creating jewellery since 2010.  Giselle lived in the Falkland Islands from 2020-2022 and hopes to return one day soon.

While living here in the Falklands, Giselle re-discovered her passion for working with fine silver (99% pure silver) in the form of precious metal clay.  These fine silver designs are created through hand-sculpting precious metal clay, which is then fired at high temperatures in her mini-kiln, to produce fine silver jewellery. Giselle also adds a touch of vibrancy by using dichroic glass in her jewellery, which is also fused at high temperatures.  The unique colours within dichroic glass (dichroic means 'two-toned') often changes at different angles and in different light, giving the jewellery a multi-dimensional look. 

These 'Falklands-inspired designs' proved very popular and as a result, Giselle continues to re-create this collection whilst travelling with her family between the South Atlantic islands of St Helena, Ascension and the Falklands. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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