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Giselle Richards

G-Unique jewellery is hand-crafted by Giselle Richards who works from home on John Street, using a mini-kiln to create fused glass cabochons that are the centre pieces of the ‘Fused on Falklands’ range.  She uses dichroic glass by hand-cutting, layering and then fusing at high temperatures. 
The vibrant colours within dichroic glass (dichroic means ‘two-toned’) often changes when viewed at different angles and in different light, giving the jewellery a multi-dimensional look.  Some of these glass pieces are then worked into her fine silver designs (99% pure silver), which is achieved through hand-sculpting precious metal clay around the fused glass before firing again in the kiln. Giselle has been hand-crafting jewellery for over 10 years (previously on St Helena Island) and enjoys finding inspiration in and around the Falkland Islands.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


+500 51552



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