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Vision of the Falkland Islands

Through the Lens

A camera in hand did these Islands place,
For boundless beauty awaits its capture.
On each rolling dune and nested cliff face,
A scene through the lens poised to enrapture.

Trained ears hear the land, like the catcher, call.
Through tussock and wind an artist is drawn
Down to the beach where the elephants brawl,
or in perilous wait for a lion’s yawn.

Of marvelous lands a photograph sung,
Such isles where even the stones run free,
This story untold has yet just begun,
From noble kings to the red diddle dee.

And framed within a wandering view finder,
The Falklands’ splendour: her wild reminder.

Torin Harte

Visions of
the Falkland Islands

I'm really proud and excited to have released my new book "Visions of the Falkland Islands" available now in my Studio,


Abound with images ranging across the Falklands, this hardback book, designed and produced by me has 220 pages, full of my photographic images. From my favourite collections, including some black and white works, to my newest images. A true taste of the Falklands.

This beautiful coffee table book is 300 mm x 195 mm x 20 mm. A limited amount are also available with a hardback cloth covered slipcase to keep it beautiful and protected personally signed by me.

There is also be a pocket sized hardback version of the book available with the same content but measuring 200 mm x 130 mm x 20 mm

Julie Halliday



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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