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Julie Halliday Dip MC

I opened Studio 52 in July 2006 to showcase my photography and design creations. I have always had a love and passion for photography and design, and continually strive to make images that aspire to be works of art. I have worked in the design and advertising business in Canada and New Zealand, gaining a Diploma in Graphic Design and Photography in New Zealand in 1989. Now happily settled in the Falkland Islands I live with my husband and four children.

I have recently been using my design skills to create the many different products you’ll find in the Studio from tea towels, bags, place mats to wine charms and even making hand-made natural soaps, body lotions and skin care products. I have recently gained a Diploma in Silver Metal Clay, to create Falklands Silver jewellery.

I am incredibly lucky here, I don’t have to go too far from home to be inspired.


Joanne Turner – “Jo Loves Calico”

Jo lives in Stanley with her partner and two children. Jo uses hand and machine sewing techniques on vintage and modern textiles, producing an array of unique pieces.


Larissita – Falkland Felts

Larissa Blake tried wet felting in 1997 and really enjoyed it but life and children got in the way, she has only recently taken it up in earnest.
On cruise ship days she can also be seen (or heard) at the Jetty Centre. Unless it is a hot sunny day.  Yes!!! We do have some of those!!
The items she creates are either wet or needle felted, or a combination of both all using local Falklands wool.


Holly Yashi

Holly’s first designs were hand-cut animal earrings made of brass and silver. Within months they had a loyal following, and soon after Holly and Paul discovered the beauty within a seemingly dull gray metal called niobium. Though an expedited oxidation process, niobium is dipped into an electrically-charged water bath which turns the metal into hues of rich, permanent color. The beautiful result is a look that has become the signature style of Holly Yashi for thirty years.

Niobium is used not only for its ability to be hand-colored into radiant hues, but also for its light-weight wearability, environmentally-clean workability, and a hypo-allergenic quality so trustworthy it is often used in surgical implants.

Holly and her creative team craft new designs every day and currently maintain a portfolio of over 1,000 styles, all available through the company’s retail website, direct mail catalogs, and their new retail store located in Arcata, California.


Dgnanit Hen

Every piece of jewelry is hand-made. They combine Silver and Gold and precious stones. Silvery undergoes a special processing for acquiring a raw and natural look. The precious stones which are originally brought from various locations around the world look like a multicolored rainbow, while the Gold combination resembles the easy touch of a paintbrush.

Dganit Hen designs and manufactures jewelry for more then 20 years now. Dganit belongs to a vast family where many of its members are talented artists and they were a source of encouragement for her creative and artistic expression.



Talma-Keshet is a leading Israeli designer and manufacturer of high quality hand-made gold and sterling silver 925 jewelry.
Talma`s unique design has been combined with the art of expert goldsmithing, both being casted into a magnificent breathtaking creations.
The Fashion Collection is offered in 9 karat gold and 14 karat gold combined with Sterling Silver 925, set with pearls and a large variety of semi precious gemstones such as Tourmaline, Opal, Garnet, Topaz, Moonstone and more.


Mariana Segura

Mariana has always liked to travel and visit different places and cultures. During her travels she created jewellery and now some years later it has become her profession.

In 1995 she entered to the municipal Jewellery school in Argentina to learn jewellery making, engraving, hand-made chains, chasing and etching. During her vocational training she met a very special teacher, who taught her a wide range of techniques while working in his studio for four years. After working in different studios and improving her techniques she set up her own workshop in 2003.

She is passionate about what she does, expressing herself through her work and thinks it takes many years, patience and work to get good results, with each piece of work gaining new knowledge.